I stumbled upon this “Ten Tips in Ten Minutes that Result in Ten Times Better Dancing” All ten tips really are  that important. #7-10 I have learned previously, though of course I could benefit from more formal practice with most of them, especially #9. #1-6  I have heard before, and known in some capacity, but […]

I started dancing International Standard for the first time on Saturday. Erik and I are planning to compete in the standard scholarship in Las Vegas this December. The scholarships are different at each competition, and in Vegas, the standard scholarship is a 3-dance, consisting of Quickstep, Foxtrot and Waltz. We started with Quickstep. Erik taught me the basic […]

My Current Daily Schedule

September 20th, 2009

All in all, my current schedule accounts for about 22 hours per week of dance, with about 2 hours of that spent warming-up, 2.25 hours spent in 3 private lessons, 3 hours spent in 4 group classes, 2.5 hours spent in am-am practice, 7.5 hours spent social dancing, and the remainder, about 5.25 hours spent […]

Two days before the SuperShag invitational, I had a coaching session with Pat Traymore. In retrospect, I feel like I was more nervous dancing in front of Pat during our coaching session than I had been the first time she judged my dancing (and the first time I ever competed — about 2 months earlier), […]