Posted August 9th, 2011 by layla

I’m still being bad at updating this regularly!

Lately, I’ve been skating often ^_^ I skated for a couple of hours at open skate this afternoon, and had a lot of fun. I made a lot of improvement on my spins, and I learned my first jump off the toe pick landing on the other toe pick (the bunny hop) ^^; I’m having a lot of fun with edge control on one skate, and finding the sweet spots on my blades where I can change edges with a lot of power and very little physical effort (efficiently) =) There’s so much to learn, and it’s such a great experience to be able to just go practice on my own without needing to have a partner for anything! Though, pairs figure skating does seem like it could be amazing!!

I’ve also recently delved back into drawing! It’s been 13 years since I begrudgingly gave up non-electronic art to focus on studying all of the things that led me to be a good engineer. I can’t express how good it feels to pick up a pencil and a sketch book again and just immerse myself into it! It’s a similar in some sense to the immersion I feel when dancing or skating; albeit much less physical ^_^

I created a new deviant art account so that I could post my work and keep a diary about it all in one place. I guess I could have done that here.. but then before I know it, I might need to make the name of this even blog longer!! @_@

These are thumbnails of my first two sketches (you may click them to see the deviation pages for each sketch ^^):

First Sketch in 13 years!~ xD

First Sketch in 13 years!~ xD

Second Sketch! :)

Second Sketch! ^_^







Last, but *certainly* not least, I’ve been continuing to pour my heart into my recovery.. and finally, nearly 6 months after the I was forced by my injuries to stop dancing, I’m beginning to see true signs of healing!

There’s a long story behind this, and I made some pretty drastic changes a couple of months ago with respect to the way I was approaching my healing. For example, I completely stopped taking all anti-inflammatories (even non-prescription ones). I also stopped doing anything that caused pain (even PT exercises that did – I found other ways to do them without causing pain). Another big change that I made was that I started taking time to move the joints around and massage them by hand a few times every day, to ensure that they were seeing their full range of motion and well lubricated by synovial fluid. I’ve also been working closely and intensely with an ex-professional ballet dancer on alignment (which has helped me to reduce the stress on certain parts of the joints through their ranges of motion).

The *great* news is that I can now actually walk without pain, and even go en-releve and perform arabesque without pain (when I am using correct alignment)! There’s still a long way to go – I anticipate that it will be at least another 4-6 months before I feel like my changes in alignment have been internalized well enough and the healing process has progressed far enough for me to return to dance actively. But considering that the original prognosis was that I may never dance without pain when not taking anti-inflammatory medications again, a few months seems like an absolutely tiny price to pay to be able to naturally dance pain-free again!

It’s ironic, and amazing; in the first few months after I was forced to step away from dance, I never would have thought I’d hear myself say this — but I believe that my life has been made better and richer for this experience. ^_^

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