This past month…

Posted April 16th, 2010 by layla

During the time when I should probably have been blogging the most, I haven’t blogged at all! -_-

What’s new…

A little over a month ago, I injured my back in my sleep >_<, and had to take 2.5 weeks off from Ballroom to recover – that was miserable! What’s worse is that I took a whole month off from Ballet and all other dancing, because I didn’t want to push it too hard too fast after I came back from my injury.

Ex-relationship drama.

I’ve eaten a lot of comfort food and watched more movies than I usually watch in a year. *sigh*

I read Snow Crash. I re-read The Time Machine. I read Andre Agassi’s autobiography. I finished most of For One More Day. I started reading The Myth of Sisyphus.

My back is much better now, but I’m still regaining the stamina and intensity I had before I got injured. My balance on my left foot has been a little bit off, though it seems to be getting better day by day.

Though my injury really wasn’t a help, I managed to learn an Open International Waltz routine, which I performed with Erik last Saturday.

I had a lesson with Mark Nocera at Studio 665, and we talked a lot about inspiration, and having the courage to do what you love, even if other people think you’re crazy. Hearing Mark’s story was really refreshing and encouraging. Like me, he also took a very unconventional approach to dedicating his time to dance at the expense of work and income.

I think that I have been making great progress with Anatoli, and I’m starting to be more relaxed with him each lesson. He’s teaching me to be the present, forget the past and the future, and have no fear of mistakes. Sometimes I feel that these lessons are just as important as technique, if not more-so.

I have a coaching lesson tomorrow with Erik and Diana McDonald, and I’m both excited and nervous.

I’ve been thinking of starting a more private diary. I’m not sure how that will change what I write about here in the future, but I’ve realized that maybe this isn’t the best place to write about certain things, because if I write about them here, I might feel the need to censor them based upon who might be reading, and how things might be misinterpreted. This post, for example, would have been written differently were I writing it in a private diary. I’ve got to think about this some more…

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