Mirko Gozzoli & Edita Daniute

Posted April 28th, 2010 by layla

I was lucky enough to watch Mirko & Edita perform last Saturday night at the 2010 MIT Open Ballroom Competition!

This video isn’t from that night, but it is the same routine they performed for their Waltz, which I felt was very beautiful.

My friends and I have been talking a lot about the meaning of the choreography… what do you think it means?

Here’s the same Tango routine they performed as well (I suggest you watch it in full before reading my comments below):

*Spoilers follow!*

I have to say – technically, I felt it was extremely impressive — yet, for the very same reason, I’m not sure how much I liked it.. It was so technically impressive that it fell into a sort of reverse-uncanny-valley for me at certain moments – the repetitive movements were so fast and so precise – so flawless, that I occasionally felt a strange sense; as if they were being done by a machine, not a person. (For example, between about 0:30-0:35, when her head obscured the light and she kicked, I felt this sense for a moment). I wonder if I’m the only one who felt this way?

After watching it a few more times, I think I really liked it overall. With each viewing, I feel less and less of that uncanny feeling that I felt so strongly the first couple of times. And I have to say, I really loved when Edita slapped Mirko, it was such a memorable ending!

They also performed an encore Tango, at the request of the audience (I was one of the few who voted for V.Waltz!). I think it was their most technically impressive dance of the night, because it was competitive dancing instead of show-dancing; but that isn’t to say it was better - their show-dances, while very different, were impressive, beautiful and touching.

This is the Quickstep routine they performed:

I thought the running split was impressive! :)

And their Foxtrot:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the Viennese Waltz routine they performed at MIT on YouTube.. if anybody knows where it is, please post a link in the comments! Thanks! :)

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  3. Ambarish Roy

    I believe the current news is that they are not dancing anymore. They were supposed to perform at Dance Legends 2012 but the message came from the organizers that are no more together. Sad day for their fans :(

  4. Richard

    I’m assuming the viennese waltz was the same that they performed at the CA star ball that year (all the other dances are). Try searching for that

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