Dear Dance Diary

Posted May 6th, 2010 by layla

Dear Diary,

I had a wonderful time tonight!

I had a private with Anatoli, which went very well. I told myself before the lesson to not care about doing well, but to just go dance and have fun. To ‘Just Do It!‘ And for the most part, it worked. I danced *much* better than last week – I did tense up at times, but overall, I was much more able to move, and follow well because I was relaxed and not concerned with being perfect. Nobody is perfect, and the harder I try to be perfect, the worse I dance. I dance best when I’m relaxed and allowing my body to do it’s job without my brain getting in the way.

After our private, I stayed for Anatoli’s advanced group class. I had a lot of fun! I came into the class with absolutely no knowledge of the routine, which was an Open Waltz, but I just followed, and it came naturally, with the exception of what I would later learn was called the tumble turn – where I slightly misstepped during the first couple of times through, but eventually, somehow, my body figured out how to follow it correctly (it wasn’t demonstrated). Later, during the technique part of the class, Anatoli used me to demonstrate things to the class, which was neat! I guess I enjoy being a test subject :)

At one point, Anatoli asked one of the other leaders to try the routine with me, saying that it would be a great test of his leading skills, since I didn’t know the routine! It was, and he did really well – even leading me successfully through that crazy tumble turn, despite my being several inches taller than him! I praised him several times after class for that – since I couldn’t begin to tell somebody what that step involved or how to do it, and I’d have no idea how to do it on my own, but his lead led the way through it!

It occurs to me as I write this how much better I danced tonight than I have in most of the last month – I don’t mean technically, I mean that I was really present tonight. I think the ingredients were relaxation, positive feedback, the self confidence boost from the positive feedback, and the elation I felt from both having tons of fun and doing well. Now I just need to bake this same pie during all my lessons!

After the classes, I practiced a bit with the aforementioned leader, and then we got to chatting. Once Anatoli and Irina were done practicing, they joined in on the conversation, and we all ended up chatting together and having a great time, including eating really amazing Russian candies that Irina grew up loving, until after midnight when we finally realized what time it was and decided we should get some sleep! :) It was a night I don’t think I’ll forget, and a great way to end such a fun day of dancing!

I’m excited for my try-out lesson tomorrow with my potential amateur partner, and for my next private lesson with Anatoli on Friday!

Time for sleep!


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  1. Margot

    Haha! Yes, the tumble turn is a GREAT figure! Soo much fun and if you have a good leader, it is amazing how many of the open steps are truly leadable!! :-D

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