Lyrical Dance & Imogen Heap

Posted May 9th, 2010 by layla

My interpretation of Lyrical is that it is all about dancing without formal rules, guided by an emotional connection to the music and or the lyrics – so if the piece being danced to doesn’t touch the dancer, then the performance has no basis, no substance, and no authenticity.

I must confess, am quickly falling in love with lyrical. Technically speaking, my dancing fundamentals (ballet/modern/jazz/etc.) have a really long way to go, but I feel myself improving quickly, and more importantly, I feel myself really being moved by the music during each class and getting into the emotion of the dance… it’s a dance form that (as intended) speaks to my heart (by allowing my heart to speak!), and I feel it pulling me in like gravity!

To wit, I woke up yesterday, heard the Imogen Heap song we had been dancing to during our last class, and I instantly wanted to dance to it. I tried for a moment, in the ~3ftx3ft of open floor space I have in my tiny room, to just feel some of the moves without really traveling, and I just ached to get myself out on a dance floor where I could have the space to travel, to feel the music, and surrender my body to my emotions – to let them play a scene through me.

Listening to another one of Imogen’s songs from the YouTube related videos, I began to feel a different story, and I craved to dance it as well!

I don’t find it a coincidence that the teacher picked one of Imogen’s songs for our class, or that I instantly felt something to dance to from each one of her songs the first time I heard them. I feel that more than for many popular artists, Imogen uses her voice as much for lyrics as she uses it for the music. To me, it is as if instrumental versions of her songs would sound unambiguously incomplete without her voice. I feel that she intertwines lyrics, music, and emotion in a way that flows right past my ears and straight to my heart.

Here is the song that my lyrical teacher chose for the piece we danced on Friday… Imogen Heap – Just For Now:

And here is the song I listened to by clicking on the YouTube related videos… Imogen Heap – Goodnight And Go:

I wonder if any of you readers felt the same kind of emotional connection I felt when listening to these songs? Do you like Imogen Heap as much as I do? I have one friend who find’s her music ‘grating’ and completely against his taste… I wonder how many others feel that way? In any case, her music touches me, which is all that matters when I’m dancing to it! :)

Now that I’ve written this post, and listened to both of these songs a few more times, I’m just dying to dance! I wish I had a dance floor in my apartment!!! It’s definitely something I’ll look for the next time I move! :) For now, I’ll just have to contain my excitement until I get back onto the dance floors tomorrow – and to my next lyrical class on Friday!

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