Secrets of a Successful Studio

Posted August 2nd, 2010 by layla
Dance Magazine: Secrets of a Successful Studio

Dance Magazine: Secrets of a Successful Studio

I posted some ideas and research not too long ago about how to create a¬†Dance Studio Apartment. I’ve recently been doing a lot more reading and research on that subject (including real-estate hunting and tax-implications), and I am hoping to be able to actually pursue that dream and create my own studio in the near future (lots more info to come on that)!

Tonight, while reading some Dance Magazine articles, I came across this one, about Secrets of a Successful Studio. Inside, many of the topics I discussed in my blog post are looked at from different perspectives, and with additional information. Other topics which I have been giving a lot of thought to recently are also discussed Рsuch as ways to provide access to healthy food and drinks inside a dance studio (this is an area where I feel that many studios are lacking, with some not even providing convenient access to drinking water).

There are dance-related ads every few pages, but they are easy enough to scroll past – if you’re pondering the idea of starting your own studio, then you’re sure to find enough neat ideas in here to make the read worthwhile. :)

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