New World Record: Most dancers together en Pointe!

Posted August 3rd, 2010 by layla
NYC Central Park - 230 Ballerinas en Pointe

241 dancers converged at the Bandshell in Central Park, NYC to stand en pointe for one minute.

Dancers from the American Ballet Theatre and the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club came to the park and broke the Guinness record for most ballet dancers en pointe for a minute, with 230 dancers successfully completing a simple routine on their toes.

The previous record holder was the Youth America Grand Prix 10th Anniversary last April at City Center, with 220 dancers participating.

In total, 241 dancers of all ages showed up, and 230 stayed on their toes until the end.

“We’re making history through dance,” said Craig Salstein, a soloist with the Amercan Ballet Theatre, who led the dancers.

“I think it’s great to see dancers of all different ages and sizes giving it a try,” said Emily Willard, 36, of Manhattan.

Some said they heard about the challenge online and came into town to make history. Brooke Wasserman, 19, of Connecticut, said she found out about the event on Facebook and didn’t want to miss it.

“I feel so cool,” added Isabel Lagana, 11. “There are so many dancers here all in one place.”

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